Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's been 22 dayz

It's been 22 days and my arm is getting better. Yesterday I was informed that "student" will no longer be on my bus route. So I continue my days driving my other students to and from school. I'm happy that I got my bus back and that mr. expert mechanic was kind enough to fix a couple of problems it had. I've been driving this bus since I first started working as a school bus driver and it's strange how one becomes attached to a school bus. Believe me, I'm not the only one, okay, I know it's weird but it's true! :)
October 1,2007 Laidlaw Educational Services was sold to First Student. So we will be under new management. Let's see what happens.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Here's what happened

On the second day of school at my job as a school bus driver. One of my students, herein referred to as "student" (generic term) after I turned the corner from student's home on my way to the second student's home, student took off shoes and threw them to the front of the bus, then off came the socks. I said oh, I guess you don't need your shoes on right now...ok..... I continued to drive and while on the freeway student removed seatbelt and stood up in the bus! Ahhhhh I was on the 2 fwy right where there is a bridge where one false move could send us flying a la Thelma and Louise! I said sit down please and student sat down and continued up and down until the next stop. I called dispatch to let them know what was happening. They instructed me to secure the student but I felt it was too risky to pull off the road on the freeway. So we continued to the next stop where student got out of seat and sat behind me and then pulled on my seat belt. Then proceeded to remove my personal bag that hangs on my seat and threw the contents on the floor. while I was picking up my stuff from the floor and calling dispatch student got up from seat and struck me on my arm near the bend of my elbow. At this point student #2 is waiting to get on the bus and enters the bus. Student #2 sits behind me while we wait for dispatch to send 2 drivers to the scene about 20 minutes later. During our wait student struck me 2 more times on my arm. I transport special ed students so it's possible that there may be problems with Autism or something like that. Colleagues finally arrived and by the way, thanks so much for your help. One colleague took student #1 to school and other colleague took student #2 to school and others on the route. Colleague #3 took the last student to school. Thennnnnnn I went in my bus to the yard and then to the industrial clinic. They gave me a band for my arm and a cold pack. Wouldn't you know it... my cell phone was cut off and I had to miss my other part time job. Another kind colleague lent me her cell phone so I could call and cancel my other part time job. Then my buddy who works at the same yard was not available because he was having trouble s with his bus on the road. AHHHHHH!!!!!!! I did not feel well that day or the next. I had to get up at 5:15 am to take the bus back to the yard then I had to wait 2 hours for someone to give me a ride home. Thanks colleague who gave me a ride home. Then after the clinic I had to have a meeting with supervisor and manager. I had the sense that student was being mischievous, not evil. As though testing the limits and went too far, trying to get a reaction. I'm ok and student is ok and it's been a week now. The parents of student are driving student to school until a bus aide is hired for my route. I'll follow up with doc tomorrow. Goes to show it takes lots of folks of goodwill to help us out when things get out of whack!
On the mend... Have a good day. I mean it...... a GOOD day :)