Monday, October 15, 2007

sumthin crazy

About a month ago I volunteered to produce the fund drive show for IMRU. I volunteered because i was tired of doing the same thing over and over again and i wanted to try something different. I got flack from some of the imru'ers who felt that I didn't include them. Everyone was given the option to participate and participated is doing the work we do whether it's directing or technical assistant whatever it is that is also participating. I received a lot of support from the station. They helped me with two premiums and I went into the IMRU stash and put together 10 grab bag gifts also something different and I got help from the station to bundle them up. Steve got donations for 2 books and I got a CD from local musician greg jasperse. I fulfilled my obligations to the KPFK staff and to the IMRU staff. I couldn't have done it without Curtis' collaboration and professionalism. Rita gave me a chance and took a chance and trusted me. I did my best with what I had available. We raised 650 dollars for KPFK represented by IMRU. I'm not sad about all the hours i put into it because i love the station and i want it to stay independent. I'm sad that we don't have listeners who want to support the station and IMRU through dollars. Even though the dollar is worth less than a Euro and it's now worth less than a Canadian dollar.
I did it little by little. I was afraid, I pushed through my fear, but I knew I had the freedom to fail. I didn't fail. I did my part with my whole heart is spite of opposition. So whoever wants to I invite you to produce a fund drive show. I hope you can raise more money next time and do it your way and quit bitching! I don't have time for it! Push through your fear my much loved friends. Try something different! Today!
THANK YOU I say with a grateful heart to those who care. You can listen online at and you can still pledge call 818.985.5735 or do it online at We aren't perfect, never will be. We just got stay independent on the air!!!!!