Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Poem We Wrote

On the Evening of Stan “Tookie” Williams’ Execution

Anger swells in my chest

A burning heart

A violent death

An execution

Furious flames of our violent history

Have not been extinguished

The fire line grows hotter

With every electrocution

At every death row vigil

The candles are lit with hope

In my burning heart a plea

To stop the violence

In me. Redemption,

Mercy; mercy on our burning hearts

Friends and enemies alike

We wait for the sea change

To douse the flames

A riot response

A lonely wait

We search for our community

of compassion

and love

We start our search here together

Written by

Mary Torregrossa

Vivian Marie Varela

Carl Stilwell

Mynor Loarca


On the evening of Stan “Tookie” Williams’ execution.

Los Angeles, California